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Enve Energy,  5627  Requirements to be prepared for buildings, defined in the “Energy Efficiency Law” and “Energy Performance Regulation in Buildings” No.  It has been authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to carry out the Building Energy Performance Certificate and related trainings.

Existing buildings:  Enve Energy, Energy Efficiency and Environment Department, which is authorized to issue energy identity document.  Energy Efficiency Consulting Company  and existing buildings  ECU  has full authority to regulate.

New Buildings:  In order to obtain the Energy Performance Certificate,  ECU  They should apply to the engineering offices that have the Independent Consultant Engineer certificate obtained from the professional chambers that have the authority to regulate.

Enve Energy is registered from the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers and the Chamber of Electrical Engineers  SMM  As an authorized institution, it has full authority to carry out Energy Performance Certificate work in new buildings.

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