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Support for the implementation of Efficiency Enhancing Projects (VAP) in Industrial Enterprises within the scope of the "Energy Efficiency Law" numbered 5627 and entered into force on 18/4/2007 and the "Regulation on Increasing Efficiency in the Use of Energy Resources and Energy", numbered 28097 and dated 27/10/2011 is located.

In Industrial Enterprises; Projects prepared for the implementation of the measures determined by the energy survey study and the recovery of the energy saving potential are expressed as the Efficiency Enhancing Project (VAP).

VAP is prepared in order to implement the necessary measures to eliminate energy waste, losses and inefficiencies in industrial enterprises.
Efficiency Enhancing Project supports envisage supporting the projects that the enterprises will implement in their enterprises for energy efficiency. Industrial enterprises that want to support their Efficiency Enhancing Projects have the energy efficiency consultancy companies prepared in accordance with the procedures and principles published as a communiqué by the General Directorate.
  It presents its projects to the General Directorate in January every year. The Directorate General may not accept applications, may delay or extend the application period, or may receive applications in more than one period, by announcing it on its website.

Businesses operating under the chamber of commerce and industry, the chamber of commerce or the chamber of industry with a total annual energy consumption of 500 TEP or more and producing all kinds of goods, excluding the license holder legal entities operating in electricity generation, can apply to benefit from VAP supports.

(VAP)  For your Efficiency Increasing Project support applications  ENVE Energy is at your service to industrial enterprises with its expert engineer staff.

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